Airplane Homes – Why Not Live In An Airplane?

How cool would it be to live in your very own airplane?  If that’s to expensive for you then you can stay at an airplane hotel in Costa Rica or Stockholm Sweden.  People have some crazy but great ideas.

Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica – Boeing 727 Suite-Airplane Hotel

The Hotel Costa Verde converted an old 727 fuselage into a two bedroom suite.  They used a 1965 Boeing 727 air-frame that was used by South Africa Airlines and Avianca Airlines out of Colombia.

727 Home Entrance - Hotel Costa Verde

Here's then entrance to the 727. Complete with a hardwood deck perched on a 50 foot pedestal.

The TV area complete with a flat screen tv.

727 Kitchenette Dinning Foyer

The master bedroom features two queen sized beds and is air conditioned.

The master bath with shower.

This is the second bedroom with a queen sized bed. This room is also air conditioned.

Photo Credits: – Mr. Vincent Castello

Jumbo Stay Hostel in Stockholm Sweden

How about staying aboard the worlds first Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet Hostel in Stockholm Sweden?   The aircraft is a 1976 Boeing 747-212B.  The aircraft was previously used by Transjet, Pan Am Airlines and Singapore Airlines.  The Jumbo Hostel  has 29 air conditioned rooms with a total of 76 beds.  They also have a Jumbo Bar & Restaurant and Cafe on board.

Jumbo Stay Hostel Stockholm Sweden

There are 29 rooms with a total of 76 beds inside the Boeing 747

Photo Credit: Jumbo Stay

Joanne Ussery’s Boeing 727 Airplane House In Benoit, Mississippi

Joanne wanted to purchase a mobile home and put it next to her lake after she lost her house to a fire.  Instead her brother in law suggested that she buy a Boeing 727 fuselage and turn it into a house.  So that’s what she did.  She paid about $2,000 for the 727 fuselage.  Then she had to spend another $4,000 to move the fuselage onto her property and another $25,000 to remodel the fuselage into a home.

Photo Credit: JoAnn Ussery/Airport Journals

DC3 Airplane House in Chile

Photo Credit: Bob Morley

Russian TU Jet Body Attached to the Second Floor of Building

Photo Credit:

Luxe Hotel Suites-Netherlands

The aircraft is a Ilyushin 18 Build in 1960

Photo Credit:

Airplane House-Lebanon

Photo Credit: Gino Dahdah

Airplane House-Abuja, Nigeria

Airplane house outside Abuja

If you guys know of any other airplane homes or hotels, please post the links below.  Thank You

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