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Aviation Government Grants-There are a lot of people that don't know much about government grants or how to receive government grant money. The United States Federal Government gives away billions of grant dollars every year to people just like you.

What is a federal government grant?  
A federal government grant is an award of free financial assistance from a federal agency, for individual citizens and entrepreneurs. Federal grants are not federal assistance or loans to individuals. Federal government grants can not be used for the federal government's direct benefit.

How much money is the government giving away?  
As of 2012, the federal government is giving away over $500 billion dollars in grant money.

Here's a list of a few government grant programs that are available to you:

  • Fast $15,000 to $50,000 Student Grants : Over $92 Billion Available for student financial aid
  • Minority Grants: Over $6 Billion Available
  • Women's Grants: Over $98 Billion Available
  • Personal Grants: Over $192 Billion Available
  • Business Grant Programs
  • Educational Government Grant Programs: Student Grants Over $86.4 Billion Available
  • and a lot more!

How much grant money can you get?
Most grants are awarded anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000.  The grant money is non-taxable, interest free and never has to be paid back. If you plan on attending college, the easiest grant you can apply for and get is the Federal Pell Grant. Just so you know; it's very hard to find any type of aviation related Federal Government Grant(besides the Pell Grant).

Now, one of the hardest parts about getting a government grant is locating one.  There really is no one website dedicated to aviation grants. Your best bet would be to find a book about government grant programs or use a grant service that specializes in finding a specific grant for your specific needs. I know that there are a few aviation flight training universities that offer non government (Private) grants.  When I find them I will post them here.  If you know of any aviation related grants, please inform us by going to our contact page below.   Thank You

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