Flight Training Financing - How to Finance your Flight Training

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Before you start searching for other means of financing your flight training; you should check with your local flight school to see what type of flight training financing they offer.  Usually flight schools might have deals with local banks that could offer you reasonable rates for borrowing money for your flight training. 

Here are a few flight training financing ideas:

  1. Flight Training Scholarships/Grants:  There are many organizations that offer aviation related scholarships. You do not have to pay this money back. It is yours to keep. 
  2. AOPA Flight Training Financing: Flight training loans offered to you by the Aircraft owners and pilots association.
  3. Federal Pell Grant: Get up to $5,550 per year that does not have to be paid back.
  4. Peer To Peer Lending: Borrow money from people that are willing to loan it to you. You can use a service like prosper.com to get a personal loan.
  5. Aviation Career Training Loans - These types of loans are specifically used for technical training, trade school and other education programs. Check out SallieMae for more details.
  6. Try applying for a personal loan at your local bank.
Make sure you look into each option to see which one suits you the most. 
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