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Amazing Helicopter Flying Snoopy

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One of the best helicopter flying shows I have ever witnessed, amazing pilot skills and a real element of risk.
Back in 1990 free entertainment was very different to today. The context of this video asks the audience to consider yesterdays entertainment and compare it to today. Will we ever see helicopter flying like this again?

Extreme Airport Approach In Iceland

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Watch in HD! Fokker 50 of Air Iceland landing at Isafjordur airport BIIS in remote West Fjords in Iceland. Air Iceland flies to this airport daily and has been for 60 years.

Push The Limit – Soaring Above The Alps Part 1

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This is a promotion Video for the LOEWE Company made by Castor-Film Production, filmed in Austria (LOIH) and Switzerland.
The film was shot 3 days off a Dornier D0 27 HDCam over the Lake Constance region.