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Option 1 (Recomended):

Step 1: Right click on any banner below and then click "Save Image As", save the image somewhere on your computer.
Step 2:Open your website editor and add the image anywhere on your website.
Step 3: Link the image to our home page:

Option 2:

Step 1: Copy the code for the banner that you would like to place on your site.
Step 2: Paste the code into your html code of your website.
If you can't figure it out please use our Contact Form to send us a message and we will help you in any way we can.
Leaderboard 728x90
FlightSchoolList Banner Leaderboard 728x90
Full Banner 468x60
Wide Skyscraper 160x600
FlightSchoolList Banner 160x600
Square Button 125x125
FlightSchoolList Banner 125x125
Full Banner Logo 468x60 White Background
FlightSchoolList Logo Banner 468x60
Custom Banner Logo 300x38 White Background
FlightSchoolList Logo Banner 300x38
Half Banner Logo 234x60 White Background
FlightSchoolList Logo Banner 234x60
Custom Banner Logo 120x37 White Background
FlightSchoolList Logo Banner 120x37
Simple Text Link
You can also use a simple text link: FlightSchoolList.Com Make sure you link it to:
  • Aviation Flight Training Scholarships
  • Flight Training Financing Ideas
  • Air Traffic Controller Schools
  • Flight Attendant Schools
  • Aviation College and Universities