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  • Directory of Skydiving locations and skydiving training schools. Skydiving is a sport in which you jump or fall from an aircraft a few thousand feet above the ground. They can perform an assortment of aerial maneuvers before deploying a parachute to slow their descent, allowing them to come gently to rest on the Earth below. The sport is also known as parachuting, in a reference to that vital piece of safety equipment.
  • Skydiving Schools

    Almost all airports offer some type of flight training, either by a flight school or a local independent flight instructor. There are also universities and colleges that offer flight training as part of a degree program.

    There are two different types of certificated Skydiving Schools; Part 61 Skydiving Schools and Part 141 Skydiving Schools. Part 141 FAA approved Skydiving Schools must apply and be approved before they receive a certificate from the FAA (Air Agency Certificate). They must meet certain standards with respect to curriculum, facilities and equipment.

    Part 61 Skydiving Schools are not governed as much as part 141 Skydiving Schools and do not have to apply for any certification. Most part 61 Skydiving Schools can offer the same type of training as part 141 Skydiving Schools. They can provide their own training program that can meet or sometimes even exceed the programs offered by part 61 Skydiving Schools. Part 61 Skydiving Schools also offer more personalized training on your own schedule, where most part 141 Skydiving Schools have some type of schedule that you have to follow.

    Another difference between part 141 and 61 Skydiving Schools are the minimum hours required to obtain a private pilots certificate. The requirement for a private pilot certificate in a part 61 Skydiving Schools is 40 hours. The requirement for a private pilot certificate at a part 141 flight school is 35 hours. The five hour difference really doesn't mean much because the national average indicates that most student pilots require anywhere from 60 to around 75+ hours of flight training to obtain their private pilots certificate.

    Your decision on a flight school will depend on whether you're planning on obtaining a sport pilot certificate, private pilot certificate or whether you want to pursue a career as a professional pilot. You also have to decide if you want to train full time or part time.

    When looking for a flight school, do not make the mistake of picking a flight school just because they are cheap. The quality of flight training that you receive is very important. Just because one school offers a much cheaper rate doesn't mean that you will get the same quality of training as a school that charges a little more. You have to do your own homework and research each school before you start your training. Before you making your final decision, visit all the Skydiving Schools that you are considering attending. Make sure you talk with the instructors, students and with the management. Don't forget to check out the airplanes too. You will be able to tell what the school atmosphere is like and it will help you with making your decision.

    One more thing, make sure that you obtain ground and flight training as regularly and frequently as possible. This will make sure that you stay on top of your game and don't waste your money. So now click on your state above and start researching some Skydiving Schools.

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