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Pros and Cons of learning to fly at a big airport.

Choosing where to learn how to fly largely depends on the type of flying you plan on doing.  I consider a big airport as a class Charlie airport with a control tower. Small Un-controlled Airport - Non-Towered Porter County Regional Airport If you only plan on flying locally or on short cross country [...]

6 ways to pay for your Flight Training

How do you plan on paying for your flight training?  That's the magical question.  Learning how to fly is definitely not cheap, but well worth it.  If you're just planning on getting your Sport Pilot License or Private Pilot License, plan on spending anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000.  If you [...]

Basic MED – New FAA Medical Rules Explained

The new basic med rule allows a pilot to fly without a FAA medical certificate, as long as they meet the basic med requirements.   You must have a U.S drivers license and must have held a medical certificate after July 14 2006.  You can go to your state licensed [...]

Engine Management 101

Engine Management 101 by Bill Ross Engine Management 101 is an absolute must-read book for anyone that owns an airplane or plans on owning an airplane.  This free book was written by Bill Ross from Superior Air Parts.  Bill has over 30 years experience as a FAA Certified Aircraft Mechanic and IA. [...]

Free VFR Sectional Charts Online

Most of you already know that you can view all Current FAA charts online for free.  You can go to the FAA's digital products page and download any Current FAA Chart.  There are a few great websites where you can go and view FAA Charts online without downloading them.  I'll [...]

What’s the difference between the Sport Pilot License and the Private Pilot License?

One of the biggest differences between the sport pilot and private pilot license is the number of hours required to obtain each license.  The Sport Pilot license only requires 20 hours of training while the Private Pilot license requires a minimum of 40 hours of training.  You could potentially [...]