Monthly Archives - September 2017

The Aviation Phonetic Alphabet

If you're a student pilot or are planning on starting your flight training, you should learn the standard ICAO aviation phonetic alphabet.  You should know this alphabet inside and out.  It's not that hard to memorize.  You'll be using this just about every time you communicate with ATC. Video By: Ian [...]

How big is a pilots salary?

So how much can a pilot make?  This is a great video that explains the different salaries a pilot can make working for the regionals and the major airlines from all over the world. Video By: Mentour Pilot

Should you do a Pre-Buy Inspection before you purchase a used aircraft?

You should never purchase an aircraft without having a competent aircraft mechanic complete a thorough pre-buy inspection.   Buying a used airplane without a pre-buy inspection is like gambling, you might win or you might lose.  Do you really want to take that chance?  If you're going to spend tens [...]

How to land a Cessna 172

Here's another great video for student pilots by  Sporty's that explains how to land a Cessna 172.   This video is part of the Sporty's Private Pilot Online Training Course.  You can find more details about this course here: Sportys.Com Learn to fly course. Video by: Sporty's Pilot Shop

Should I buy a twin to build my multi engine time?

For those of you that think you're going to buy a twin engine aircraft, build your flight time for cheap and then sell it, Good Luck.  Buying a twin is a huge responsibility that will cost you a lot of money.  I've owned a Twin Comanche for over 7 years and [...]