Here are some of the most popular questions people ask about learning how to fly.

Just about any airport will have a flight school or a local flight instructor that can teach you how to fly.

Not at all. Flying is a lot of fun and is not a difficult skill to learn. You will actually get to fly the airplane on your very first flight lesson.

Right now, give your local flight school a call and schedule an introductory flight. If it's not to late, most fligth schools could schedule your introductory flight the same day.

An introductory flight is your very first flight lesson. You actually get to fly an airplane with a flight instructor. Lots of flight schools offer introductory flights for around $99.

Yes, flying is safer than most forms of transportation. Airplanes are extreamly well built and maintained to the highest government standards.

It all depends on you. There is no set number of lessons or hours of flight training. Your instructor must make sure you are competent to perform certain maneuvers before allowing you to solo. These maneuvers include safe takeoffs and landings. You must use good judgment when flying and be able to keep control of the aircraft at all times. Also, you'll have to get a medical certificate and a student pilot's certificate before you can fly solo.

No, flying a helicopter is very different from flying an airplane. You'll have to get training in a helicopter and pass a checkride.

Sure you can. Just about everyone these days wears glasses.

It all depends on where you learn to fly and how well you learn. It could cost anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000+ for your private pilots license.