The Two Types of FAA Flight Schools

The Two Types of FAA Flight Schools

Most airports in the United States offer some type of flight training either by a flight school or a freelance flight instructor. A flight school will usually provide a wider variety of flight training aids, special facilities and a greater flexibility in scheduling. A number of colleges and universities also provide flight training as a part of their curriculum.

There are two different types of FAA Flight Schools that you can attend to complete your flight training.


FAA Part-141 Flight Schools also known as FAA-Approved Flight Schools:

Enrollment at a FAA part-141 flight school usually ensures a higher quality of flight training, but not always. FAA-Approved part 141 flight schools have to meet certain standards with respect to equipment, facilities personnel and curriculum. However, many excellent part-61 flight schools find it impractical to qualify for the FAA part 141 approved flight school certification. One of the differences between a part-141 flight school and a part-61 flight school is that fewer flight hours are required to qualify for a pilot certificate at a part-141 flight school. The flight hour requirements for a private pilot certificate are 40 hours at a Part-61 flight school, and 35 hours at a Part-141 flight school. However, since the national average is between 60 to 75 flight hours, this difference may be insignificant. Part-141 flight schools are not always job friendly. If you plan on working full time and training you are probably better off doing your training at a part-61 flight school.

FAA Part-61 Flight Schools also known as Non-Approved Flight Schools:

FAA part-61 flight schools are not governed as much by the FAA as are part-141 flight school. Part-61 flight schools still offer the same type of training but they can provide their own training program that can meet or sometimes exceed the programs of a part 141 flight school. Another great benefit about part-61 flight schools is that you can schedule your training at any time. You do not have to attend classes at a certain time everyday like you would at a part 141 flight schools. Training at a Part-61 flight school is great for people that have full time jobs or a family that they have to take care off.

So now you know a little bit more about FAA part-141 and FAA part-61 flight schools. Start your search for a flight school now.  Visit FlightSchoolList.Com to find a flight school near you.

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