Free VFR Sectional Charts Online

Free VFR Sectional Charts Online

Most of you already know that you can view all Current FAA charts online for free.  You can go to the FAA’s digital products page and download any Current FAA Chart.  There are a few great websites where you can go and view FAA Charts online without downloading them.  I’ll list a few of them below:



VFRMAP.Com is a free mobile friendly website for viewing VFR charts, IFR charts, airport facility directory information, weather and instrument procedures.  The website does not currently have a feature for planning your flight but its a great website for just viewing charts, training, or checking out where you want to fly.




SkyVector.Com is a great free website that you can use to plan your flights.  You can easily view all FAA charts, airport facility directory information, current aviation fuel prices, weather, approach procedures and airport diagrams.  You can also log into the site and get a briefing, file your flight plan and print out a nav log all for free.

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    very good and helpful

    August 5, 2020 at 7:44 am

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