Aircraft Dispatcher Schools

  • Aircraft dispatchers or airline dispatchers, who are also called flight superintendents, schedule flights for airlines, private charter companies, cargo companies and military aircraft, make sure that all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations are followed. Below you will find a list of FAA-Approved 14 CFR Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Schools.
  • Career Academy Anchorage, Alaska
    Sonoran Wings Flight Control Academy Tucson, Arizona
    Insights Training Center Long Beach, California
    Airline Career Training Pacific Grove, California
    JEPPESEN Denver Training Courses East Englewood, Colorado
    Phoenix East Aviation Daytona Beach, Florida
    American Flyers Pompano Beach Airport Pompano Beach, Florida
    Academy College of Aviation Bloomington, Minnesota
    Flight Safety International Flushing, New York
    Academics Of Flight International Long Island City, New York
    Flamingo Air Academy Cincinnati Municipal Airport Cincinnati, Ohio
    Aviation Dispatch Institute KMEM Memphis, Tennessee
    Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro Municipal Airport Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    American Flyers KADS Addison, Texas
    Mountain View College Dallas, Texas
    Absolute Altitude Fort Worth, Texas
    World Airline Dispatcher Schools Fort Worth, Texas
    Institute of Flight Operations and Dispatch Fort Worth, Texas
    Salt Lake Community College Salt Lake City, Utah
    TransCon Aviation Manassas, Virginia

    Aircraft Dispatcher Info

    Flight Dispatchers draw up flight plans and confer with pilots and flight engineers to determine that flights can be made safely. Dispatchers also maintain contact with crews after they are airborne to keep them advised of weather conditions, alternate landing plans, and necessary changes in altitude.

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