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Are you interested in learning how to fly for pleasure or as a career?  If you are, then you have come to the right place.  We have a large list of Flight Schools that offer flight training from the basic Sport Pilot Certificate all the way up to the AirlineTransport Pilot Certificate-ATP.  Each flight school has something different to offer so make sure you Piper Seminole at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2911research your option. So now all you have to do is decide on which flight school you would like to attend.

If you have never flown an airplane or Helicopter then you should probably think about scheduling an introductory flight with your local flight school. Most flight schools offer introductory flights (First Flight Lesson) for as little as $99. If you’re ready to find a Flight School just click on one of the links in the left column and start your search now.   If you would like to learn more about the aviation industry, or the requirements to become a pilot, then head on over to our Aviation Information Center.

If you're ever in Chicago, check out They provide both airplane and helicopter tours of downtown Chicago from Chicago Midway Airport..

What type of Flight School are you looking for?

Need to learn a little more about becoming a pilot?

  • FAA Student Pilot Guide:Before you begin flight training, it is important to have a basic understanding of the responsibilities, safety regulations, and issues applicable to such an endeavor. Please read over this student pilot guide before you start any flight training. If you have any question then please contact your local flight school and they will gladely answer any of your aviation related questions.
  • Flight Training Facts:Some of the most popular questions asked about learning how to fly.
  • Pilot Certification Information: Learn about all the different types of pilot certificates and ratings.
  • Aviation Medical Certifications and Requirements: Information on the different types of aviation pilot medical certificates.
  • Free Flight Training Books in PDF Format: We have a large selection of free FAA Aviation Training related books offered to you by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aviation Scholarships,Grants and Financing Ideas

  • Aviation-Flight Training Financing: Are you wondering how you're going to finance your flight training or any other aviation related training? View our aviation training finance information page for more details on how to pay for your flight training or any other aviation related training..
  • Aviation-Flight Training Scholarships: Get free scholarship money for any type of aviation related training. Check out our list of organizations that offer aviation scholarships. You can find flight training scholarships, aviation college scholarships, aircraft technician scholarships, aerospace engineer scholarships, air traffic controller scholarships and more. If you know of any other aviation related scholarships that are not listed on our site then please send us a link to the aviation scholarship page.
  • Federal Pell Grants: Get up to $5,550 of financial aid for your aviation related training per year.

Aviation Articles

  • Cross Country Flight Planning: Cross-country flight planning is often the first big post-solo hurdle flight students will overcome in their flight training. Planning a cross-country flight requires tedious planning and calculations if done properly which can seem overwhelming at first, but taking everything one step at a time can greatly ease the process.
  • Choosing a Flight Instructor: The student instructor relationship is one of the most critical factors affecting pilot performance, yet choosing an instructor is not an exact science. Just remember, if you don't get along with your flight instructor then find a new one.
  • Low Wing Aircraft vs High Wing Aircraft: A quick look at any general aviation airport will show you that all single engine aircraft are either high wing or low wing designs. For pilots, each design had its advantages and drawbacks.
  • Mastering The Crosswind Landing: Crosswind landings are one of the more challenging skills in the private pilot curriculum.
  • Buying an Airplane: Purchasing an aircraft is an exciting process, but it can be a complicated one filled with potential problems.(If buying an airplane, please make sure that you always have a Pre Purchase Inspection performed by a mechanic that doesn't know the current owner of the aircraft.)
  • How To Become A Helicopter Pilot: Information on how to become a helicopter pilot.
  • Glass Cockpit Flying Skills: Flying a glass cockpit aircraft.

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