The JETLEV-FLYER Water Jet-Pack

You have been dreaming about flying a personal jetpack for way too long. Your wait is finally over! Jetlev Sports Inc. is proud to introduce the JETLEV-FLYER, the recreational jetpack almost anyone can enjoy over water. It is designed for safety, stability, ease-of-use, and precise and effortless flight controls. Learn to take off, fly, turn, […]

ZEHST-Zero Emission Hyper Sonic Transport – The Concorde of the Future

Here’s another cool concept airliner.  The Zero Emission Hyper Sonic Transport ( ZEHST) is a supersonic concept passenger airliner that is expected to fly at over Mach 4 on bio-fuel made from seaweed and by oxygen/hydrogen. The aircraft will feature 3 different types of propulsion systems. The ZEHST will have two high-power, low-bypass turbojet engines without afterburners that will […]

Check Out The NOAA Live Aviation Weather Map – Great For Pre-Flight Planning

Here’s a great resource for pre-flight weather.  This NOAA map depicts live aviation weather for North America.   You can get a good picture of what the current weather condition are before your flight.  All you have to do is hover over any one of the symbols with your mouse and a little window will pop up with […]

Airplane Homes – Why Not Live In An Airplane?

How cool would it be to live in your very own airplane?  If that’s to expensive for you then you can stay at an airplane hotel in Costa Rica or Stockholm Sweden.  People have some crazy but great ideas. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica – Boeing 727 Suite-Airplane Hotel The Hotel Costa Verde converted an […]

How to Pre-Flight the Piper Warrior – PA28-161

Generally, when beginning flight training a student will train in either a Cessna or Piper aircraft. With Cessna 172 aircraft appearing to be the most widely used, Piper aircraft come in a close second. The Piper Warrior in particular is a low-wing trainer aircraft that allows for a smooth transition into flying without overwhelming the […]

Why would the FAA hire an Aviation Safety Inspector without an Aircraft Maintenance Certificate?

So this guy was hired as an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Airworthiness/Avionics) with no prior experience and no A&P Certificate.  What the heck is wrong with the FAA? How could he possibly do his job right if he has no Idea what he’s doing? There are so many A&P IA’s out there with many years of experience and the FAA decided to […]