Aviation Videos

How to land a Cessna 172

Here's another great video for student pilots by  Sporty's that explains how to land a Cessna 172.   This video is part of the Sporty's Private Pilot Online Training Course.  You can find more details about this course here: Sportys.Com Learn to fly course. https://youtu.be/9Z8O81HMzq0 Video by: Sporty's Pilot Shop

Basic MED – New FAA Medical Rules Explained

The new basic med rule allows a pilot to fly without a FAA medical certificate, as long as they meet the basic med requirements.   You must have a U.S drivers license and must have held a medical certificate after July 14 2006.  You can go to your state licensed [...]

Your First Flight Lesson – Introductory Flight

So you want to learn how to fly.  If you're interested in becoming a pilot, your first step is to take an introductory flight, also known as a discovery flight.  This is basically your very first flight lesson and yes you actually get to fly the airplane.  This video [...]