Should I buy a twin to build my multi engine time?

Should I buy a twin to build my multi engine time?

For those of you that think you’re going to buy a twin engine aircraft, build your flight time for cheap and then sell it, Good Luck.  Buying a twin is a huge responsibility that will cost you a lot of money.  I’ve owned a Twin Comanche for over 7 years and have flown over 1,800 hours.  Unscheduled maintenance is a killer.  You never know when something is going to break.  I had my right engine case crack at about 1000 hours before overhaul.  It cost me over $10,000 and two months of down time to fix.  Insurance for a new pilot with no multi engine time will cost you close to $5,000 for the year.   Finding the right airplane takes time.  I was shopping around for over 6 months before I found the twin I wanted.  When it was time to sell, it took over 1 year to sell.  The twin market isn’t the best.  There’s not a lot of people looking to buy twins.

If you’re only looking to build around 100 to 200 hours of multi engine time, your better off just paying for the flight time.  If you’re looking to build your multi engine hours quickly, google multi engine time building and you will find a few companies that specialize in multi engine time building.  You could fly around 100 hours in two to three weeks.  

If you want to build 3oo to 1000+ hours of multi engine time, you should probably buy a Twin Comanche.  Just make sure you have money set aside for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.  You can find other pilots online that would be willing to split the hourly costs with you.  

I’ll go over other ways of building your multi engine time in another post.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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