5 Emergency Procedures Every Pilot Should Be Prepared For

5 Emergency Procedures Every Pilot Should Be Prepared For

For a competent pilot and well maintenance airplane the probability of you having an in flight emergency is low.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for an emergency.  You should practice your emergency procedures on a regular basic with a certified flight instructor.  This way you will always be prepared just in case.  Here’s a great video that goes over 5 different emergency that can happen to you:  

  • Alternator Failure
  • In Flight Fire
  • Parachute Deployment
  • In Flight Engine Failure
  • Engine Failure on Takeoff

Video by: US Sport Aircraft

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  • Steve Wright Reply

    Yes, preparation and rehearsal are vitally important. The two which require immediate reaction are ;fire in flight and engine failure after take off.
    As an instructor we rehearsed by memory the automatic checklist for engine failure. One day I experienced it for real and went through the entire checklist in seconds; without realizing it. All the while telling my self ,” you can’t turn back to the airstrip from 100 ft.” It took merely seconds before we crash landed straight ahead. ( in a small open space of rough field). At least we walked away from it. The other tempting option was to go through with a go around from an apparently recovering engine. ( It was a false blip of life and we would have crashed directly into massive power lines straight ahead.) Good sense, training and divine providence ,saved the day.
    Another good tip; would have been to check the service and maintenance record of an unfamiliar aircraft that you are flying. Subsequent check of my friend’s aircraft revealed a clue that might have alerted us to a possible problem. ( 20/20 hindsight).

    August 10, 2017 at 5:11 am

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