Engine Management 101

Engine Management 101

Engine Management 101 by Bill Ross

Engine Management 101 is an absolute must-read book for anyone that owns an airplane or plans on owning an airplane.  This free book was written by Bill Ross from Superior Air Parts.  Bill has over 30 years experience as a FAA Certified Aircraft Mechanic and IA.  Aircraft engines are expensive and need constant maintenance to keep them healthy.  This book goes over a lot of great information.  

To get this book for free, just send a blank email to the following email address: EngineManagement101@SuperiorAirParts.com 

You will get a reply with a link to the free PDF and a link to an online flip book version.  


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  • Luis Ortiz Reply

    For sure an interesting book

    August 25, 2017 at 4:15 pm

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